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About Us

Kenneth Barr BC Collaborations Principal, Fort Worth


Kenneth Barr has been actively involved in the business and civic life of Fort Worth and North Texas for his entire adult life. He joined his father in the family’s commercial printing company, first working in the afternoons and summers while still in high school by delivering to the company’s customers. He learned early on, that the last contact a customer had with its print supplier was the person who delivered the product.
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David Chappell BC Collaborations Principal, Fort Worth


David Chappell - a trusted civic and professional leader in the Fort Worth’s community for over half a century. He essentially ceased his successful law practice, and now focuses on his passions, entrepreneurism, and consulting with others who seek to meaningfully participate in the North Texas miracle. To that end, he is engaging as a principal in the consulting firm of BC Collaborations in conjunction with his longtime friend, former Fort Worth Mayor Kenneth Barr.
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Wade Chappell BC Collaborations Associate, Fort Worth


Wade Chappell has a great track record as an entrepreneur, business operator, and community volunteer. He is one of those individuals that knows tons of people – and he knows how to find facts, gather information, and make things happen.
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