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Helping clients

How we've helped clients:

  • Identified an economic opportunity, engaged with the client, and negotiated with a local government to secure an incentive package that enabled a large publicly held pharmaceutical company to substantially expand its manufacturing facilities.
  • Assisted in the site selection process for a major pharma company for the location of a new manufacturing plant.
  • Represented a major national parking operator in securing business opportunities with universities, hospitals, and public and private parking opportunities.
  • Successfully represented a major national health care organization in securing substantial municipal incentives to build a new free-standing emergency room, build an entirely new hospital, and greatly expand an existing full-service hospital.
  • Assisted multiple companies and their executives in strategic planning, identifying target opportunities, providing insight on local dynamics (including partnering opportunities), facilitating multiple introductions, and guiding regularly scheduled one-on-one progress sessions.
  • On behalf of multiple clients, successfully responded to unanticipated roadblocks that negatively impacted or delayed various projects.

Over the course of years, we’ve helped many clients in a variety of different businesses. Their privacy and confidentiality are always our priority.